We are working hard to provide you with the best quality products

Our Company
Sala website is a center for selling products in Egypt, Sala’s staff consists of 1 employee who is the founder and CEO of the site, delivery services are available to all governorates of Egypt, we initially set the average delivery time within a week, but now delivery is carried out within 2-6 days.

The Dream
To be a commodity website in early 2023, to be a leading website for selling all products online in Egypt

Mahmoud Nabil
ceo & Founder

Mahmoud Nabil Mohamed, an Egyptian citizen born in 1999, my beginning was a tech blogger obsessed with technology and also a web and graphic designer working in the field of website development I worked for a while in the field of advertising design and then as a web designer and then I created a number of sites and channels of my own and I was training to gain experience and my real beginning was working as a website designer .. I manage my websites, and now I work as a marketing specialist and I have a good knowledge of operating systems and content management scripts .