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Airpods M90 Pro

Pull out the AirPods M90 Pro and leave a limit that locks the gym on you😎 🎧

At a price of 399 instead of 450 + free shipping to all provinces

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14-day warranty

Against industry defects

After-sales service

At the highest level

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A piece just for the present
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Modern headset model M90 pro

A practical modern headset that has all the features you need a stylish and modern appearance with high quality features and at the same time its overall shape suggests that it is expensive but affordable for everyone, you are in the right place to hear the M90 pro original version 2023 in its chic and modern form and also supports siri & google assistant


It works 14 meters away from the phone

High ear stability for different sports equipped with a powerbank Type-C fast charging input operating time of 4-5 hours

Works on Android and iPhone ( works on all devices) and smart watches and touch screen
You can answer calls, change the song and control the sound by touching it directly
Completely resistant to water splashes, sweating and dust

The latest Bluetooth 5.3 (very suitable for games)

A headset and a Burbank at the same time, and of course it is possible to charge the phone using it Headphones

Version 2023 the latest version on the market
It has three digital screens, you know from them the percentage of charging the box and the percentage of charging each headset alone
Hi Fi HD audio
Strong sound insulation
It will stay with you for more than 3 days without having to ship it
Thanks to the power of its battery, the headset will sit with you for more than 3 days, because the box charges more than 15 times, and each time you prefer to work with you for up to 4-5 hours and charge it in 30 minutes, as well as the standby time of up to 140 hours
High quality materials
The speaker is made of the best materials that will live with you for the whole lifetime, Peggy’s violin together with different size rubber spare parts so that you choose the right size for you

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At a price of 399 instead of 450 + free shipping to all provinces

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